Your Journey Begins…

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…At Ageless Tachyon Center, near the peaceful hills of Petaluma, California…..

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We are located at 921 Transport Way, Suite 27, Petaluma, Calif. 94954

Our Tachyon Chamber in Petaluma

Ageless Tachyon Center in Petaluma offers one of nine public tachyon chambers in the United States. Ours is one of about 58 tachyon chambers worldwide. All parts of our tachyon chamber were designed and precisely fabricated by European scientists, in association with space research projects.

Our tachyon chamber, like the 57 other ones, has a satellite uplink that geolocates tachyons and guides them into our chamber — and you.

The Tachyons in the Tachyon Chamber

Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Tachyons infuse the human body with energy and enable the physical body, emotional body and spiritual body to heal. Tachyons can reverse cell breakdown, help improve your immune system and help you repair problems — with no side effects.

The Tachyon Chamber and its Dedicated Room

When you lie down on the open bed in the dedicated room, you receive tachyons for about 25 minutes. You don’t feel anything except perhaps warmth and perhaps some prickliness. Overall, it’s a very comfortable 25 minutes and many people just go to sleep while lying there.

Benefits People Report

The tachyon chamber works both with the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body. Each person experiences tachyon energy differently because each person is a unique individual.

The most common beneficial effects that people report from their time at Ageless Tachyon Center include:

  • An improved immune system
  • Fast healing after surgery
  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Deeper, restful sleep
  • Improvement in blood as shown in a blood panel
  • Relief of pain from vehicle accident injuries
  • Relief of stiffness or soreness, such as that caused by arthritis or simple overexertion
  • Relief from psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and other autoimmune disorders
  • Relief of allergies
  • Overall faster healing of problem areas

Clients have also reported psychological improvement such as:

  • Significantly reduced depression
  • Reduced or healed grief
  • Elimination of fear of flying
  • Elimination of panic attacks
  • Improvements in physical and emotional energy
  • Release of anger
  • Improved motivation
  • Clarity about relationships

Move Yourself In and Out Of the Tachyon Chamber

You need to be able to sit yourself down at one end of the bed area (which is similar to a memory foam type of mattress), swing your legs around and scoot in. You’ll need to get out by yourself and stand up by yourself.

Most people we see are able to do this. Let us know if you have special needs.

An Optimal Schedule

A minimum of six sessions in the tachyon chamber is recommended to experience the benefits of the tachyons.

  • Very Concentrated Schedule: You can have two sessions per day for three days straight to total six sessions. (Good for travelers).
  • Concentrated Schedule: You can have one session per day for six days straight for a total of six sessions.
  • Three at a Time Schedule: You can have three sessions in about 1-1/2 days, wait a few days or a week or two, and then have three more sessions in about 1-1/2 days, or
  • Take more time than this between your tachyon chamber sessions.
  • Ongoing appointments: After you have had six visits to the tachyon chamber, you can take a few weeks off and decide if you would like to come back for another set of sessions– and take advantage of the reduced rate. Ongoing appointments, for example, once a week or every two or three weeks, helps you work on ongoing issues, and general health maintenance.

When you have a few days or weeks off between appointments, you are adjusting to the energy between each appointment. Some people like this and others want a more concentrated schedule.

Note that everybody is different and experiences the tachyon chamber in his or her own unique way. A person who is dealing with a physical issue may find that the tachyon chamber dislodges an emotional issue first. This dislodgment may be necessary for other, later physical improvement.

Note about Other Chambers

Recently we were made aware of setup referred to as a “tachyon chamber,” which involves an upholstered recliner chair, or a massage table, with a hanging metal triangle above the chair, and an arrangement of lights on the ceilings. We understand the La-Z-boy chair or the massage table may be surrounded by glass panels and glass globes and also use an electric heating pad and music headphones. This setup is evidently not in a dedicated room and appears to have no satellite connection. We have no idea what this is, who produces it or if or how tachyons are able to come to you.

We only know about our type of tachyon chamber. As we said above, the tachyon chamber at Ageless Tachyon Center in Petaluma, California was completely designed and precisely fabricated by European scientists, in association with space research projects. Our tachyon chamber has a satellite connection, which makes it quite powerful.

You can read about the worldwide network of these precisely designed and fabricated tachyon chambers, which bring in powerful but gentle energy, and are similar to ours, here.

Our tachyon chamber is in its own spacious, dedicated room, with a bed that you lie upon. Our satellite uplink geolocates the tachyons into you.

Necessary Disclaimer regarding the Tachyon Chamber

The Tachyon Chamber technology has not been evaluated by the FDA. This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Always consult your doctor for medical information and medical advice.

graphic: Leonardo daVinci, The Vitruvian Man
Leonardo daVinci believed the workings of the human body to be the workings of the universe.  Maybe he was on to something.