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Physical location of Ageless Tachyon Center

McDowell Business Center, 921 Transport Way,  Suite 27,  Petaluma, CA 94954.

Directions: (Slightly better than google maps):

From the south or from the north, on Highway 101:

From either northbound or southbound Hwy 101, exit at East Washington Ave. 

Turn east on Washington, but immediately move to the left-turn lane. Traffic tends to stack up there in the left turn lane, but try to get over there. From Washington, you’ll turn left there, which is north on No. McDowell Blvd. 

On No. McDowell Blvd, drive north through five stoplights at:  E. Madison, Community Center Way,  Lynch Creek Way, Professional Drive, and Rainier Drive.        

Immediately after passing through the stoplight at Rainier Drive  (You’ll drive past the blue and white Petaluma Transit buses, parked there on the northwest corner). Immediately north of those blue and white buses, turn left into Transport Way.

Drive a few hundred feet and turn left into the parking lot of the 1-story McDowell Business Center building at 921 Transport Way.  We are in Suite 27.

Appointment days and times

Appointment Days: Monday through Friday.  Let us know if you are traveling and in town for just a short time.

Appointment times:   We usually start appointments at 9:45 or 10:00 am.

In the summer: we may be able to start earlier than 9:45 and take advantage of the longer days.

Off-hour appointments: For those who cannot come until the evening, talk to us. With the shorter days in the fall and winter, we try to close around dusk, as evening falls.

Travelers:   If you are traveling and need to schedule up to 2 appointments in one day, we schedule you for appointments at about  9:30 am to 11:00 am (approx.) and the second one at about 2:30 to 4:00 pm.


Pay when you arrive and buy the package of 3 sessions, or two packages of 6 sessions. Cash is preferred; a cheque is okay. If you’d like to pay with Paypal, let us know. We can do this.

Cash and Cheques, Please:  We prefer cash, to be paid at each set of appointments. A cheque is also acceptable. We are not (yet) set up to take credit cards.

What to Wear

Plan to wear comfortable, loose clothing.  Natural fibers are best.  Wear socks or bring socks.

You will leave your socks on, but you will take off your shoes before you go into the chamber room. 

You will leave in the waiting room anything that emits a signal, such as your phone, keys, watch or tracking device, or other lumpy things or binding things, and remove the change from your pockets before you enter the chamber.

Time in the chamber: Your time in the tachyon chamber will be about 25 minutes.

Below, use the form and please include your city of residence and your phone number. Send us some days and times that would work for you. We’ll get back to you, usually within a day.

You can also simply text us, with this information, at the phone number below. 

    Would you like to talk to us? Easiest to text us first, because sometimes we’re with a client. But I’ll see your text. We’ll text you or phone you back.