Q & A: Ageless Tachyon Center’s Tachyon Chamber

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Where are you located?

Our tachyon chamber is at: 1496 Professional Drive, Building 602, Petaluma, California 94954. We are on the east side of the Hwy 101 freeway, just off North McDowell Blvd., in the “blue tile roof” buildings on the north side of Petaluma Valley Hospital.

Note that 1496 Professional Drive, Building 602 also houses Petaluma Family Therapy. You may see their sign. We share the building with Petaluma Family Therapy.

What are tachyons and what do they do?

Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Tachyons are carried by high energy cosmic rays that enter our solar system.

Tachyons have an extraordinary healing and harmonizing effect. Tachyons can completely harmonize energy fields. Tachyon energy enlivens the energy matrix  which shapes all matter and has very positive effects on our physical, plasma, etheric, mental, emotional, and astral bodies. The result is improved physical health and well-being.

Everyone heals differently, but sometimes people have miraculous healing.

Because tachyons harmonize electromagnetic emissions, they also provide an excellent protection against all forms of electrosmog.

Tachyons infuse physical matter — that’s you! — with beneficial, spiritual light.

Introducing tachyons into anything permanently changes the quantum properties of atomic nuclei. At the same time, the chemical composition is not altered; the change occurs on the subatomic level. 

Tachyons decrease the entropy of physical matter. The result is that they do many things, including reverse the aging process and strengthen the immune system.

How do the tachyons come into the chamber? Aren’t they mostly in outer space?

Yes, tachyons are way out there and they are kept away from earth through the ‘electromagnetic fence’ that surrounds our planet. But, we have a quantum uplink to the satellite. On board the satellite is an oscillating crystal that creates a wormhole that allows the tachyons to come in to earth.

We first connected to the satellite and activated the tachyon chamber on December 23, 2018. We moved our offices in August 2022 and immediately after that move we connected to the satellite again on August 3, 2022.

The satellite geolocates the tachyons into you, as you lie in the tachyon chamber.

Some people think tachyons are “everywhere.” A few of them might be around us. But significant quantities of them are not “everywhere.” They are out in interstellar space. Tachyons can only come in through specialized technology, such as a quantum uplink to a satellite or a space station.

What should I do ahead of time?  How should I dress? How long will I be in the tachyon chamber?

Try to avoid a lot of caffeine for a few hours before your session, in order to more easily feel the relaxing effects of the chamber. (The tachyon chamber works anyway, but sometimes caffeine prevents you from feeling it as much).

Arrive in comfortable clothes that you can lie down in.  Loose, natural fiber clothes are good, but in general, wear comfortable clothes. Some people like to wear white. But just be comfortable. Wear socks.

You’ll take your shoes off and also leave in the waiting room things like uncomfortable belts or bulky jackets. You’ll remove things that emit a signal, such as cell phones, keys, watches, Fitbits, garage-door openers.

You’ll be in the tachyon chamber for about 20 minutes for each of your sessions.

Is the tachyon chamber safe?

Yes. This process is completely safe. Tachyons do not change chemical composition of matter and they do not create any type of electromagnetic field or any type of radioactivity.

What benefits will I receive from the tachyon chamber?

Every person is different and each person responds individually to tachyons.  Read some of the testimonials and watch the 5-minute video here to find out how people are responding to the tachyon chamber.   

Is the process permanent? Does it wear off?

This process is permanent and irreversible. You cannot remove tachyons by exposing them to heat, a magnetic field or through any type of chemical reaction.

The tachyons can wear off a bit, because we live in an imperfect world with negativity in various dimensions. Think about about coming back to the tachyon chamber after you have completed your first six sessions, to refresh the energy and the healing, if you feel the effects of the tachyons have lessened or worn off.

Often the sensation wears off, but the healing stays.

Are there any conflicts with other health regimens?

Tachyons and the chamber work to remove the physical causes of many diseases and imbalances in our bodies. Tachyons cannot be misused and the particles and their positive effects go well with other wellness activities.

Western medicine goes well with sessions at Ageless Tachyon Center.

All of these are compatible with the tachyon chamber: Physical therapy; massage; Feldenkrais; Rolfing and Trager method, craniosacral sessions, laying on of hands. Chiropractic treatments, Reiki healing; yoga; meditation; sound frequency healing such as Rife technology or Healy technology; scalar healing technologies; biomats; radionics; and biophoton healing. Infrared healing; homeopathy; acupuncture, Chinese medicine and qi gong; herbs; cleansing diets, and Ayurvedic remedies.

All of the above can be combined with sessions in the tachyon chamber.

The tachyon chamber works on multiple dimensions and will work to combine the wisdom of other healing modalities and “put it all together.”

Tachyons influence equally our physical body and our higher energy bodies. Tachyons improve our well being and also accelerate our spiritual growth.

What is the tachyon chamber like?

We are in a newly renovated office that has seating available.

The tachyon chamber is in the interior, dedicated 11.5′ by 11.5′ room that is nearly dark. The window going to the outside has a window covering over it, but there is some light that comes in during the daytime. Another window above the doorway of the room lets light in from the hallway. No one has ever complained of claustrophobia.

You scoot into it and lie on your back under a low, open structure. You can move around a little, wiggle, flex your muscles, and turn on your side if you wish. You scoot out, usually on your back, toward your head.

People feel a variety of subtle sensations such as warmth or energy. Some people feel specific areas that seem to be “receiving attention.” Some people lie down and immediately go to sleep. Each person has a different experience. Often people report, “I didn’t go to sleep, but I went somewhere.”

What is the tachyon chamber not?

The tachyon chamber is not claustrophobic. Nobody has ever said they were claustrophobic.

The tachyon chamber is not a med bed. We understand that med beds are not yet available.

We are not an isolated mountain retreat. We are located in a one-story, modern professional office building. You might hear vehicles outside or see other office clients where we share some common area. Most people don’t feel bothered by this.

We can give you sound-dampening devices if you need them.

What is the biggest thing that will happen to me?

Each person responds to the positive effects of the tachyons in a different way.   Sometimes the effects are immediate and sometimes the positive effects (such as cleared skin) emerge a few weeks later, after visits to the chamber are completed. 

Is there a size limit or a weight limit or other physical limit for people to use the tachyon chamber?

Yes. Each person needs to be able to get in and out of the tachyon chamber on his own or her own. A very frail or disabled person may not be able to get in and out of the tachyon chamber bed. If a trained helper comes with a disabled person, access to the tachyon chamber may be possible.

People who weigh up to about 270 pounds can use the chamber. Most people at 270 pounds or less will be able to fit into the chamber.

Are there any side effects from the tachyon chamber?

The tachyon chamber usually triggers a purification and detoxification process that lasts up to a few weeks. There can be some mild side effects, such as light headaches or sleeplessness. These are just signs that toxins are rapidly leaving your body. Drink extra water to help the toxins depart!

Also, if you are in pain, on the day or two after your first few sessions your pain could increase a bit. Out of the people who are dealing with chronic pain, approximately 20% to 30% of this group has reported some additional pain in the night after or the day after their sessions. They then report this additional pain lifts and is gone. We are told that this additional pain is due to an energetic operation occurring.

Your body is in fact getting healthier!

Should I drink a lot of water afterward? 

It is good to drink plenty of water during the days or weeks or months you are using the chamber. The additional water helps with detoxing and helps to get rid of the occasional “detox headaches.”

Can I bring my pet to Ageless Tachyon Center? 

No, pets don’t come into the office.  But there is a dog park directly across McDowell Blvd, on the north side of the Friedman’s shopping center.

Are there any testimonials I can read by people who have used a tachyon chamber?

See the Testimonials, Video, Articles page on this website.

How do I pronounce tachyon?   

Tack’ eon.    Emphasis is on the first syllable, Tak.  Then: Eee-on, as in eon, or 1,000,000 years.

Who are you and why did you decide to offer this tachyon chamber to the public?

My name is Megan.  I’m a California native, I have advanced academic degrees, and I have worked for a university, I have spent time in high tech companies and I have worked in real estate and finance. 

But I have always, basically, just wanted to help people. When I came upon this technology in about 2013, I wanted to use it to help people.

I am helping people and the work is gratifying.

Does the tachyon chamber influence its surroundings?

It does!   The tachyon chamber appears to have a stabilizing effect for about 20-25 miles in all directions. There is some evidence that the tachyon chamber calms and soothes people in the area and it calms and soothes things like the earth’s tectonic plates.

A number of people have told us they “feel it” when they are driving on the nearby freeway or when they are on nearby McDowell Blvd.

Is the tachyon chamber approved by the FDA?

No. Here is our Disclaimer: The Tachyon Chamber technology has not been evaluated by the FDA. This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Where else can I read about tachyons and about other tachyon chambers around the world?

We are friendly with others who operate the similarly designed and imported, powerful tachyon chambers in the US.

Here are some : The Tachyon Portal in Oregon; Tachyon Counseling of Virginia; and a tachyon chamber near Austin, Texas, at: https://crystalstairchamber.org/ In the Denver area, there is Tachyon Healing of Colorado. In the Los Angeles area, there is: tachyonwellness.net/

In the Sedona, AZ, USA contact: [email protected]

You can see the list of tachyon chambers around the world at the website operated by The Phoenix Group, the people in Europe who have been instrumental in bringing the tachyon chamber to humanity.